If you feel like tasting some local delights that would satisfy even the most selective connoisseur, then you just discovered your own little paradise.
Experience the authentic Cretan cuisine that has gained acclaim as one of the healthiest diets in the world.
Its secret lies in the fine quality of its fresh ingredients and intoxicating spices and herbs.
The renowned Cretan olive oil is known as ‘liquid gold’, while the island’s vegetables like tomatoes and peppers stand out for their mind-blowing taste.
The wide variety of Cretan cheeses like “graviera”, “mytzithra” and “staka”, provide a solid reason why Crete comes first in the world cheese consumption.
Toping it off with the famous Cretan wines and the typical local spirit “raki”, what more could you ask from a gastronomic paradise?

Among the numerous local recipes and delicacies, the absolute 3 must-try dishes in Crete, are:

  • Kallitsounia: Delicious, small pastries, filled with mytzithra cheese, cinnamon and sugar. In addition to their classic recipe, ‘Kallitsounia’ can also be cooked with spinach inside.
  • Ntakos: The original Cretan salad with Cretan rusk at the bottom, fresh tomato and feta cheese on top, seasoned with delicious extra virgin olive oil and local herbs like oregano. A truly unforgettable taste!
  • Gamopilafo: A traditional ‘wedding’ dish, gamopilafo is among the most popular dishes of the Cretan cuisine. It is actually an alternative, creamy risotto, cooked in water in which meat was boiled for several hours. Add a generous amount of pure butter and get ready to experience an ‘explosion of tastes’.