Unique Characteristics

For a genuine golfing experience

An 18-hole Golf Course of international standards – the only one on the island – is a fairer and friendlier course for players, while also presenting fascinating new challenges.


Our philosophy? To meticulously maintain the distinctive elements of the natural Cretan landscape, hence the mountainous course has been built in an exciting desert style layout and each hole has been individually sculptured to blend into the existing typical landscape.

Furthermore, the architects have made every effort to protect the environment therefore many ecologically friendly features, such as modern water treatment and large untouched areas, are to be found.

The course truly tests every aspect of the golfer’s repertoire, however the feature that will make all visitors fall madly in love with this golf course – whose 6th is its signature hole – is the unique sense of freedom and tranquility felt when arriving at the justifiably popular 11th, which offers an unrivalled view of the Lasithi Mountains and the unique Cretan countryside.

To top it off, there is an on-course Food & Beverage service whereby players can order cool drinks and snacks during their game on a daily basis. The upbeat attitude and presence of our beverage cart staff is sure to brighten anyone’s day!

Last but not least, visitors will realize upon their arrival that even with high temperatures, the quiet breeze coming from the mountains is ideal for a perfect round of golf in the summer. As the mildest climate in the Mediterranean makes it suitable for play, the course will be open all year round.

Do you have children aged 5-16 years old? “The Crete Golf Club” and the Aegean Golf Academy are here to teach them the secrets of golf with safe, reliable and efficient methods.

Aiming at promoting important sports ideals, such as emulation and fair play, as well as to create champions, the Aegean Golf Academy organises special golfing courses for children of ages 5-16 years old. Beyond classes, the young members of the academy can take part in tournaments and enjoy fascinating prizes.

All training equipment is provided by the academy, while for ages under 10 years old, the equipment is provided by SNAG – you only have to bring your smile and energy!

Classes are held every Saturday at 12:00 – 14:00 and Sunday at 11:00 – 13:00, in groups of 15 participants. The academy offers one month free trial after which fees are 35 euros per month.